Tim C. (burny_md) wrote in azclimbing,
Tim C.

Climb on, again, finally

So recently I've been slacking off and being lazy. I had a number of friends over for thanksgiving weekend, and got to go bouldering a couple times down at the Phoenix Rock Gym. Just short climbs, but it was a good workout. The only problem being that after the first one, I had to come home and do some work, which required typing. That was very unfortunate since I had killed my fingers. ;)

My friend that I went with both times, has been going a few times a week atleast for a while now, so that kinda kicked my ass a little. :) It was a lot of fun to go through a couple routes with him, and figure out better ways to do them, etc.

So its kicked my ass atleast enough to go once so far. And to finally getting around to buying chalk. :) Last friday night I only had a couple hours, but I went up by my work to Solid Rock. It was a different gym than I'm used to in the fact that the flooring around the walls were rocks. :) By the bouldering they had a number of movable crash pads. So you could move it to where you were working. I'm not sure if I like this setup yet or not. I imagine when its full, it might cause some problems. I also noticed that when I was following one route, the pad didn't follow me. :)

It had a great bouldering section with some good routes, and some nice overhangs. I found that the routes seemed to have a steep curve though. The V1s were rediculously easy, then I tried a couple V2s that I had a lot of trouble with. It was probably a good curve for the point of boulder(learning technique), but still. :) I was working on one of the routes and just couldn't get my foot to where I saw it had to be, so I enlisted the help of a good guy that works there, Tyler, to give me a hand figuring it out. It was a well designed route to teach technique and certain motions. :) I think I might get a membership up there and try to go a couple times a week after work. I mean since my options are either drive across phoenix during rush hour, or climb for a bit then drive...hmm...no brainer. ;) I think I'll be up there Wed and Fri evenings...but that's subject to how my work schedule goes. :)

The only downfall with the gym currently is all of the construction that's going on, on the roads up there. It was kind of difficult to find, made worse by the construction. Hopefully now that I know where it is, it will be much easier. :)
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