Zia (fairytaleworld) wrote in azclimbing,

Just wondering...

Does it some strange to anybody else that in a rock climbing community for Arizona its all about indoor rock gyms??

Anyhoo, I'm Melisa, new, climber in the Prescott area. Nice to meet you.
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That occured to me too. I guess that all the outdoor climbers are too busy actually out climbing to sit at their computers and cruise LJ. :)
i know a couple ljers/climbers. i'll have to send them this way. ;)
I think its because of the heat to be honest with you. Though I do go to somewhere local to boulder occationally. Its good to get outside and being up here in the north lands makes it easier for me to climb outside. I am looking forward to rock climbing in the fall and winter in Phoenix and Tucson outside due to their mild winter temps... Do you have a favorite outdoor site you like to climb in? Does Prescott have a indoor rock gym?
I love outdoor climbing in Phoenix, out in the Dells or Granite Mtn, but there's a rock gym at the Y as well.

You're in Flag, right? I hear there's really good climbing there, haven't been up to try it out yet though.
yes I'm up in Flag and we have tons of places to climb. We have the local indoor gym down town the university also has one. Then the area around here has tons of various climbing opportunities... I can not wait to try out more than I already have...
i mean Prescott, not Phoenix.